Leadership Devos for the week

“The Word became flesh…”  That God came into our midst to reveal Himself, care, teach, heal, connect, and love us reminds us that all life and leadership is relational. I can make a difference in people’s life only if I enter their world, their life, and their reality. *Lord Jesus, help me to go and live in the real world of others to love as you have loved.

3 thoughts on “Leadership Devos for the week

  1. I feel that we do need to enter people’s life and really put ourselves in their shoes. God has revealed to us throughout the bible that leadership is relational. We need to get connected with the person and really understand/over look the situation. But most importantly God first should be the center of our life and the one that we focus on. When we do that I believe that we can be used by him in many different ways. Helping others and being the example that God wants us to be for others.
    Paul Zittel

  2. Yes Paul, I agree and would add that I think that only as we put Christ as the center of our lives can we really relate to others and enter their world with love, compassion, and grace. Thanks for your reflections.

  3. God has called us and leads us by His Spirit to live the love of Christ, to have the mind of Christ and to do the work of Christ. Here I am Lord, use me!

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