Leadership Devo of the Week: Matthew 6:9

“Our Father in heaven…” True prayer begins with a recognition and remembrance of who God is; a personal, loving, yet powerful God. He is “Father” (personal and
loving) and “in heaven” (in authority). He is also Father/Authority of all since he is “Our Father.” Does my prayer begin with recognition of who God is or does it tend to begin with my need?  Does my need lead me to recognition of who he is? Help us Lord to stop and acknowledge who you are, lest we believe our prayers are meant to use your
power for our purposes.

2 thoughts on “Leadership Devo of the Week: Matthew 6:9

  1. I like this! We were talking in church yesterday about how the Father’s Prayer begins with “our” – meaning it is always in a communal sense – that we grow together. Jesus recognized this when he taught us to pray.

    It also reminded me of how different a collectivist culture like the early church had (in many ways) compared to our American culture is so different.

    Good thoughts. Thanks Pastor Jonathan.

    • Thanks for your comments Jonathan. The plural forms throughout are certainly a reminder to us that prayer at its best represents the community coming to our Father, not simply us as individuals coming to God with our individual desires, wants and wills.

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