Devos of the Week: Palm Sunday – Luke 19:30-31

“Go into the village ahead of you…untie the colt and bring it here…’The Lord needs it.’” What an amazing Lord and savior, always involving us in his work.  I am sure Jesus could have miraculously created or made a donkey to appear anytime for his needs, but instead some person or family is invited to supply the donkey that Jesus needed on this day and this time and he finds a faithful, generous sharing in response.  What simple things does Jesus ask of you?  How easy do you find it to share?  Yes Jesus, whatever you need. Amen.

Devos of the Week: Exodus1:15-22

“But the midwives feared God; they did not do what the king of Egypt commanded, but let the boys live.” Amazing things occur here (vs. 15-22):  the lengths to which the powerful will go to maintain their control and prosperity, the lengths to which normal people will go to live according to God’s ways (even those outside the faith), and God’s ability to flourish life despite evil human intent.  In our national politics, church organizations, and families which motivations most reveals the intent of our hearts?  Lord Jesus, may we be amazing like the midwives, not like the king. Amen.