Devos of the Week: Palm Sunday – Luke 19:30-31

“Go into the village ahead of you…untie the colt and bring it here…’The Lord needs it.’” What an amazing Lord and savior, always involving us in his work.  I am sure Jesus could have miraculously created or made a donkey to appear anytime for his needs, but instead some person or family is invited to supply the donkey that Jesus needed on this day and this time and he finds a faithful, generous sharing in response.  What simple things does Jesus ask of you?  How easy do you find it to share?  Yes Jesus, whatever you need. Amen.

Leadership Devo of the week: Acts 3:6

“I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk.”  Generosity is very good.  Giving freely of what we have wonderful.  In a culture that  focuses so much on the solutions that money can buy are we in danger of forgetting there is more than silver and gold; that man does not live on money alone.  What do you really have to offer people in Christ?  Are we tempted to offer other things that people want?  Give us faith to believe in the name of Jesus Christ and His power to heal and transform lives.