Devos of the Week: Psalm 103:1-5

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits.”  Christian leaders are often tempted to focus completely on the future.  We need to get somewhere.  The pressure is, “where are we headed”.  Yet, the scriptures often instruct us to remember, to not forget, where we’ve been and what God has done in the past. When we are not praising God, is it possible we are forgetting something?  -Bless the Lord, O my soul, and help me not to forget all your blessing O God.

Devo of the Week: Mark 14:3-9

“…what she has done will be told in remembrance of her.” Wow, would we not love Jesus to say a remembrance of our work and ministry will be told right alongside of the Gospel?  It is the temptation of many leaders and ministries to be “known.” But what is the woman known for? Why do we know of her, but not know her name? What might this mean for my leadership in the church and in ministry?  – Jesus, forgive my foolish pride and teach me to be satisfied with your love and with loving in return. Amen

Devo of the Week: Psalm 6:4-5

“Turn, O Lord, save my life…for in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who can give you praise?” “I can’t praise you if I’m dead,” is an interesting argument in prayer. It assumes that in life, the one praying is in fact, bringing praise to God.   Does my life here on earth bring praise to God?  How is God honored and lifted up by my living?  May my life O Lord, be a living praise! 

Leadership Devo of the Week: Matthew 6:9

“Our Father in heaven…” True prayer begins with a recognition and remembrance of who God is; a personal, loving, yet powerful God. He is “Father” (personal and
loving) and “in heaven” (in authority). He is also Father/Authority of all since he is “Our Father.” Does my prayer begin with recognition of who God is or does it tend to begin with my need?  Does my need lead me to recognition of who he is? Help us Lord to stop and acknowledge who you are, lest we believe our prayers are meant to use your
power for our purposes.

Leadership Devo of the week: Genesis 1

“In the beginning…”  There are times when we need to go back to the beginning. We need reminders of God’s original purpose for us, reflections on where Christ first met with us, space to rediscover the Spirit’s work in our lives.  Think about the beginning of God’s work in your life and ministry?  What would a remembrance of the “beginning” do for you?  How has God led you from the beginning of your journey? May my remembrance of you in the beginnings of my life be sweet and lead to fruitfulness ahead.