Devos of the Week: Exodus 2:1-4

“The woman conceived and bore a son…she hid him…” No one would know the name of Moses today if there was not a loving mother trusting in God and taking practical action for the care of her child. Sometimes Christians today look for “big things” to do for God; is it possible that faithfulness and righteousness in the little things each day are most important?  What decision can I make or action can I take today that reflects my trust and faith in God beyond my own desires and control?  Spirit of God, guide us and empower for daily living.

Devos of the Week: John 17:1-19

“I am not asking that you take them out of the world, but I ask that you protect them from the evil one.”  Jesus prays that his followers will be protected in the world. Do the ministries of the church and Christian sometimes favor pulling us away from the world?  Are we called to protect ourselves and our family, or is that God’s job?  Where do I see myself pulling away from the world?  What does Jesus’ prayer call me to today?  –  Lord Jesus, who prayed for all who trust in you, help us to trust you as we live for you in this world amongst people who need to trust in you.  Amen