Devo of the Week: John 3:9-10

“‘How can this be,’ Nicodemus asked. ‘You are Israel’s teacher,’ said Jesus, ‘and you do not understand these things?'” Nicodemus had some blind spots, unknowns, and questions. The image of having all the answers can be a mirage in the desert. What things “do you not understand?” Father, I depend on you; Jesus, free me to admit “I do not know everything:” Spirit, grant me wisdom to understand Your ways and movements of grace.

Leadership Devo of the Week: Matthew 6:12

“Forgive us our debts…” Prayer for forgiveness reveals our understanding that relationships are central to life.  It also recognizes our human condition in which we fall
short in our faithfulness to the obligations of our relationships toward God, others and all of creation as well.  When I fall short or sin, do I deny my sin, blame others or flee in fear of God’s judgments?  Jesus gives us another way; trust God’s mercy and love.  Forgive me for my sins and shortcoming Lord, both the wrongs I commit and the things I leave undone.